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Case Study #1:

Taxpayer: Widow

Type of Tax Concern: Income Tax           


In 2013 we were contacted by a widow of 7 years who had cancellation of debt due to a short-sale on a rental property. The taxpayer had taken her documents to her E.A of many, many years and was presented with a tax bill of over $74,000. Fortunately, she decided to get a second opinion.


We reviewed her last three year’s tax returns and found several substantial errors and omissions on her returns along with an error in the reporting of the cancellation of debt.


We amended her last three years’ tax returns for refunds of more than $10,000. We also prepared her current year return correctly not only saving her the $74,000 but getting her a refund too.


Cancellation of debt income is a tricky subject. There are so many faucets to it that it there is not one cookie cutter outcome. Each person’s situation is unique. One cannot assume that all taxes on cancellation of debt income will be forgiven. That is simply not true. Since we are abreast on all of the tax laws in connection with cancellation of debt due to foreclosure, short-sale, or lines of credit we are able to provide a real service for our clients.


Helping this client secure her retirement by not having a costly tax bill is the reason we do what we do.